ShoeGuru is a fine example of how design can single-handedly drive an online business.

Project required the following services: branding, identity, research & planning, web design & development, e-commerce, conversion optimization, photography & post-production, consulting, video & animation, copywriting, maintenance, graphic design, SEO, analytics, multivariate testing.

Web Design

ShoeGuru is Different

We knew that in order to stand out in the overcrowded footwear market you had to offer a unique shopping experience. The website was designed with simplicity in mind, placing the product at the forefront. Grey background was selected for a reason as it created a perfect contrast that allowed the user to appreciate all the details while creating the necessary reassurance of the high product quality.

A/B & Multivariate Testing

ShoeGuru's success was also attributed to rigorous research and testing. Numerous multivariate tests were performed on the index page that allowed us to create the most effective calls to action; these resulted in surprisingly low bounce rate for an e-commerce store (30.51%). Several A/B tests were also performed on the checkout process that further improved store's conversion rate.

fMRI Research

In September of 2009, Web Arts conducted an fMRI study to see if online stores had the ability to stimulate impulsive shopping behavior. Among the websites studied were and “The most prominent result of the investigation was ShoeGuru. We saw enormous emotional activity in the brains of ShoeGuru visitors.” – Andre Morys, owner of Web Arts AG. Read our interview with André.

Marketing Beyond the Web

We were also responsible for traditional marketing of the brand. With our help, numerous local customer appreciation parties were curated and promoted. People could meet the team behind the ShoeGuru brand, win free shoes, gift cards, and in general just have a ton of fun. We've also put together “Fashion Monthly” – ShoeGuru's online magazine that promoted new arrivals in a unique and engaging way. Click the top right corner to flip the page:


ShoeGuru received a great share of publicity and attention. It was featured in most online design galleries, written about in popular blogs, published in design books, and even studied as a part of a business university course across all Canada. Although this project has been abandoned for quite some time now, we believe that it has left its mark as a prototype for future generation of e-commerce websites.