Fox Towers

Project required the following services: web design & development, mobile web design & development, photography & post-production, hosting, consulting, maintenance.

Web Design

Although there are still quite a few areas to improve on, the website already boasts some great numbers such as: 4.06 pages/visit, 4:25 average visit duration, 22.30% bounce rate and the most important of all, the 12% conversion rate.

Fox Towers real estate development website design

1. Visual Representation

When a user arrives at a website that is trying to sell them a condo, they expect to see the condo, and not a close-up of a random piece of furniture or fake smiles on people's faces. In our opinion, selling a condo should be a very visual experience, which is exactly why we dedicated the entire screen real-estate to high resolution renders and photos that represent the development.

2. Less in More

We kept the website design extremely clean and simple as all the renders already contained a great amount of detail; this allowed the user to appreciate and focus on what matters most: the building itself. Index page contains only the most important information; copy is easy to read and comprehend, and it's also optimized for better search engine placement. The purpose of the website is unmistakeably clear from the moment the user enters it.

3. 12%+ Conversion Rate

Website speed, user-friendly design, enticing graphics, well-written copy, and clear call to action buttons all contribute to the higher-than-average conversion rate. has received several hundred signups within the first 3 weeks of its launch, which resulted in over 35% of the first tower being sold directly through the website.

4. Know Your Users

A lot of time was spent researching exactly what kind of information users are looking for when they are condo-shopping. Most development websites complicate this process so much, that people simply end up abandoning them. With a 22.30% bounce rate, Fox is an exception – everything that you need and nothing that you don't.

Fox Towers real estate development website design

Keeping Users Engaged

It's becoming increasingly difficult to keep users' attention, so finding the right balance for your content is crucial. In case of Fox Towers, we're feeding a small amount of text at a time, while balancing it out with a graphic of an equal height. This technique is quite effective, seeing how we still have your attention. :) The result: a healthy 1:23 spent on-page, and most of the content read!

Content Discovery

We wanted to keep the clicking-around to a minimum. With current technology it's more natural to scroll rather than click (think mouse scroll wheel, etc.), so all the content-heavy pages of the website have been made scrollable, enabling the client to fit in any desired amount of information into a single page as they want.

Fox Towers real estate development website design

Navigating the Floor Plans

The introduction starts with 6 of the different floor plates – this makes it easier for the user to position themselves... from there they select whichever floor plan they're interested in. Illustrations take up most of the screen - making it easier for people to see all the detail - while the renders pertaining to each one of the floor plans make the experience a little less boring and more informative. As a result, the average visit duration is 2:59!

Interactive VS Static

We're really not sure why 99.9% of the real estate development websites use static images to display the neighborhood map. Our goal was for users to explore what's around instead of just looking at a static image, which is exactly why we mapped out the most interesting locations on a Google Map - a platform that everyone is already familiar with. Users take their time to discover the neighborhood by spending an average of 1:05 on-page.

A mobile website for Fox Towers

Extending the User Reach

It happened to be that nearly 25% of all the users were exploring the website using their mobile device, so having a mobile website worked out in our client's favor. Our belief is that a mobile website should never limit the amount of content that it can display, and is no exception. Mobile website features exactly the same content as the desktop version, without requiring the user to switch between the two.

The Main Goal of the Website

At the end of the day has a single purpose: securing leads for Langham Developments Limited, regardless of users' devices. Both, the desktop version and the mobile website were designed with this goal in mind. On a mobile website, a clear call to action is located at the beginning of every page directing users to a short, 4-field form where they can leave their contact information.


Besides doubling as a desktop and a mobile website, can also become a slideshow for a presentation centre with just a click of the button. Content container on the “About” and the “Gallery” pages can be easily collapsed, and the already animated background images turn into a high resolution slideshow, adding more value to the website and to the entire condo presentation.

Photography & Post-production

Most of the time was spent retouching the supplied renders and photographing locations around the building. Check out some “before and after” below:

The end. Visit Fox Towers website.