We were hired to do a major desktop/mobile website overhaul for Canada’s largest infrastructure development company. One of our personal goals was not to make this look like another corporate/industrial website.

Project required the following services: web design & development, mobile design & development, hosting, consulting, post-production, animation.

Before index page before


  • Flash-based navigation limited the number of people who could use the website
  • Flash banner content was not indexable by search engines
  • Flash intro created an unnecessary roadblock for website users
  • Index page did not provide any useful information about the company
  • Previous web developer was more concerned with their own SEO rather than the client’s

After index page

Website Goals

Canonbie's website was designed to accomplish three main goals:

  • Attract potential employees, while making it easy for them to apply.
  • Attract potential clients, while making it easy for them to get in touch.
  • Reintroduce Canonbie's new brand, making it more usable and accessible.

Visit live website:


Website uses only one navigation system. Because of the nature of the design, this menu follows the user on long, information-heavy pages, allowing them to access any part of the website without having to scroll back up to the top. To further improve usability, on secondary pages the top ribbon turns into a breadcrumb bar, letting the user know their current location and serving as alternative means of navigation.


Instead of using stock photography like most corporate websites do, we asked the client to supply us with some photos that were shot in the field by Canonbie's employees. Although all of them were taken with basic point-and-shoot cameras, we managed to make them look fairly appealing to the eye and more importantly unique and memorable – we're quite happy with the direction this is all going.

Mobile Design & Development

Besides the obvious fact that every website should have a mobile-friendly version, it was imperative that Canonbie's website could be accessed via mobile devices by people out in the field who have no access to a desktop computer. The result: a full-featured, lightweight version of the desktop website. Try it out by visiting on your mobile phone.

Mobile website design and development for Canonbie