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Tinkercad is a new way to teach core skills and abilities in the most fun and engaging ways.

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Why Tinkercad?

Tinkercad makes the process of learning fun, engaging, and most importantly, educational. Here's some knowledge you can expect to walk away with:

3D Design/CAD

Thinking spacially to create anything.


Electrify your creations.


Make your creations “smart”.

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Professional Development Resources

Tinkercad Webinar Series for Teachers

  • How to Get Started with Tinkercad in Your Classroom
  • How to Use Tinkercad for Project-based Learning
  • Building a Maker Mindset at Your School
  • Sparking Future Makers in your Classroom
  • Keeping Learners Engaged for the Summer

Hear from teachers, like you, who use Tinkercad every day in their classrooms!

KidMob & Superhero Cyborgs

Barrett Elementary School

Vanderbilt Children's Hospital

Cranbrook Kingswood Middle School for Girls

Black Pine Circle School

Saint Andrew's School

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