A long overdue update on what's happening at our studio.

May 11, 2012 by Yuriy Sklyar

Since I haven't updated the News section in a long time – we update on Facebook a lot more frequently – I decided to give you a quick update on everything we have been up to and things that we are going to start.Up

Upcoming Projects

First things first, great end to the week!

2 meetings on Monday:

Both are super interesting projects, and we're really excited to get started on them! P.S. Both are also referrals - thanks Sam and Danielle! :)

In addition to that, we're currently in the talks with two of the most popular UK voiceover artists, Thurston Day, who need a brand update and a new website – again could be a potentially interesting project, both Emma and Colin sound excited!

Hear me speak at OMMYEG

For whoever reads this blog and would like to hear me do a quick talk on our recent update of I Like To Waste My Time, and how we got it to 110,000 monthly pageviews, feel free to stop by the LUX Steakhouse + Bar on May 16th,where monthly OMMYEG (online marketing meetup Edmonton) takes place. There you could ask me a few questions and I could give a few suggestions for your own projects – you're welcome to invite friends as well!

Upcoming Articles

Finally, next week Myself and Eugene will put together two articles that will cover the following:

  • Ways to make your Drupal website run faster, and
  • A first look behind the new I Like to Waste My Time website, and its improvements + performance reports.

Stay tuned!


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