What do Bounce Rates Mean?

Sep 7, 2011 by Tomasz Jablonski

google analytics

I’m a data junkie and spend a lot of my time reviewing our website traffic with Google Analytics. If you’re not using analytics I recommend that you get in touch with us so that we can help you set it up.

Let me start off by building up my credibility in analytics. For the past 5 years, I’ve spent several hours a day reviewing website traffic for over 50 different websites. Out of those 50 sites, 8 of them are our personal businesses.

I'd like to jump right into the fun stuff, however we have to learn the basics first. Let’s start off by understanding what bounce rates are and what it means to have a high or low bounce rate.

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The Making of ShoeGuru 2.0 Website

Aug 10, 2011 by Yuriy Sklyar

This is a case study that I wrote a few years back while we were working on the second iteration of the popular ShoeGuru online shop. It didn't get included in this new website due to its length, so I thought instead of letting it go to waste, I'd re-post it in a looong blog entry for people to read it, and hopefully get educated or inspired to do cool stuff.

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The Small Details & Their Meaning

Jun 23, 2011 by Shaun Smylski


Some graphic elements say more than you may imagine.

The image to the left displays the colour blue. If I were to ask, “Does this image tell a story?” what would your answer be? It’s just a solid colour and not a photograph. There is no depiction of actions or words to be read. The most that can be technically derived from the colour is its HEX value of #3B5998.

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Market Research Week 5: Mr Porter Men's Fashion

May 30, 2011 by Bryan Saunders

This week, we've been working on a project for a client from Hong Kong.

Our client is starting a men's fashion label and we're developing their business plan, brand identity, and some of their advertising and marketing materials. We're also building them an eCommerce site.

As part of our planning process, we've researched what other players in the men's fashion market are doing. We want to make sure that our client stands out from the crowd and we also want to learn from our competitors' mistakes. One of the main competitors that we've identified is a company called Mr Porter.

Below, you can read our thoughts on Mr Porter's website. See what Mr Porter is doing well, learn about what they're doing poorly, and find out how we plan to do things differently.

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Writing Techniques: How To Become a Better Writer.

Apr 11, 2011 by Bryan Saunders

Writing isn’t easy. As a writer and editor myself, I’ve learnt this firsthand.

While there isn’t a magic formula for creating amazing content, here are a few tips—based on neuroscience and psychology—that will help anyone become a better writer.

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Market Research Week 3: Holt Renfrew.

Apr 5, 2011 by Yuriy Sklyar

This week we have decided to check out the Edmonton downtown core and what it has to offer in the luxury goods sector. After checking out the TEDxEdmonton luncheon with the entire team (which was awesome by the way... if you are free for the next one, do try to make it out - interesting people and great debates; lots of stuff to take away), we walked across to Holt Renfrew, which is considered to be a very high class department store.

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Market Research Week 1: West Edmonton Mall.

Feb 28, 2011 by Yuriy Sklyar

Every week, the Threefifty team goes to a busy public shopping place to review/critique everything that a regular shopper encounters on a daily basis. We also provide valuable advice on how to improve things as well.

This week we paid a visit to West Edmonton Mall, the 5th largest mall in the world.

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The 7 Worst And Best Alcohol Landing Pages

Feb 19, 2011 by Tomasz Jablonski

By law, alcohol websites must attempt to screen-out visitors who are under the legal drinking age. This poses an interesting problem for alcohol companies: if their screening process is too long or too difficult, then many visitors will get frustrated and leave that company's website before ever getting past the landing page.

Planning the landing page for any website is already a difficult process. For instance, designers need to consider the shortcuts and scanning patterns that the human visual system uses to save time and to find important information.

Keeping these principles in mind results in a website that is easier to navigate and that has higher click-through and conversion rates. Below are 7 alcohol company websites which must take all of the above into account.

So, which is the most effective website? Let’s take a look.

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Lessons Learned From – 6 Common Mistakes to Avoid

Jan 17, 2011 by Tomasz Jablonski

Recently, we have been working on multiple luxury projects. While studying the websites of a number of different luxury brands I have noticed that many of them have huge usability problems.

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Interview: André Morys of Web Arts AG on Conversion Optimization

Jan 14, 2011 by Tomasz Jablonski

André Morys is cofounder of Web-Arts, and a renowned speaker on the science of conversion optimization. He also runs a very successful blog in Germany, konversionsKRAFT. I recently spent a couple of months working in Europe and had the pleasure of meeting with André on several occassions. Have a read through the following interview I had with André for some great conversion advice.

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