The Best of Manual and User Guide Design

Oct 8, 2014 by Yuriy Sklyar

An inspirational post which highlights some of the best manuals from various industries, while touching on some important points for each one.

I'll be adding more manuals and user guides as I find them, so be sure to subscribe or follow. Enjoy!

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Free Fonts FF Sero Medium

Sep 15, 2011 by Shaun Smylski

font sero medium

Tested out this font that I've found on FontFont.com. They're offering FF Sero Medium for free. Comes with All CAPS and italics for web and print.

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15 Inspirational Galleries For Web Designers

Sep 9, 2011 by Shaun Smylski

web galleries

This is a list of galleries you must check out and because you must, it’s possible that you already have.

Most people would call these inspirational design galleries, as if their purpose is to help the creative design process. I, however, see them more as appreciation galleries.

This is where I go if I’m being unproductive.

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Free Font: Conqueror

Sep 5, 2011 by Shaun Smylski

This is my new favourite free font to come out in a long while. A font family designed by Jean François Porchez with 5 variations (Sans, Didot, Inline, Slab, and Carved). The AW Conqueror family is free to download at conqueror.com.

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