5 Ways to Better Serve Your Customer and Increase Your Value

Jun 30, 2011 by Tomasz Jablonski

5 ways to increase value threefifty neuromarketing

Everyone has their own tactics and techniques that they use to improve their customer service and to increase profits.

Here are my top 5 ways to better serve your customer and increase your business value.

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The Small Details & Their Meaning

Jun 23, 2011 by Shaun Smylski


Some graphic elements say more than you may imagine.

The image to the left displays the colour blue. If I were to ask, “Does this image tell a story?” what would your answer be? It’s just a solid colour and not a photograph. There is no depiction of actions or words to be read. The most that can be technically derived from the colour is its HEX value of #3B5998.

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All Marketers Tell Stories

Jun 21, 2011 by Shaun Smylski

all marketers are liars

In marketing, the job is to build a brand story that customers can believe and buy into. This is one of the lessons taught in Seth Godin’s book “All Marketers Are Liars Tell Stories.”

As Godin explains, there is always a story that can be told. No one can say “there is no story” although how well you can tell a brand’s story will determine how weak or strong it is. 

While Godin covers a lot in his book, I’d like to focus on how consistency and design contribute to building a brand’s story.

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Google's New +1 Button

Jun 15, 2011 by Bryan Saunders

You might have noticed a new feature on our blog today, namely Google’s new “+1 button.”

Google’s +1 button is a lot like Facebook’s “Like” function or Twitter’s “Tweet” button, but specific to Google.

The +1 button also looks to be Google’s chance to finally successfully enter into the social media realm—especially after its other attempt at social media, Google Buzz, failed to launch.

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You Are What You Buy (Even When It's A Gift For Someone Else)

Jun 10, 2011 by Bryan Saunders

Recently, cognitive psychologist Dan Ariely conducted a study in which he gave participants designer sunglasses and told these participants that the sunglasses were either real or fake.

In fact, all of the sunglasses were real $300 designer sunglasses, but—for the sake of the study—Ariely lied and told half of the participants that the sunglasses were counterfeits.

The goal of the study, called “The Counterfeit Self: The Deceptive Costs of Faking It” was to see if wearing “counterfeit” products caused a change in the way that people acted vs wearing real designer products.

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Brand Battle: Hugo Boss vs Christian Dior vs Calvin Klein

Jun 8, 2011 by Bryan Saunders

This week, we're launching a new feature here at Threefifty called Brand Battle .

For each Brand Battle, we're going to take a few brands in the same category, take a look at some of their marketing, and then let them fight to the death.

This week, we have a three-way battle lined up between Hugo Boss, Christian Dior, and Calvin Klein. Who will win? Keep on reading to find out.

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