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Jan 18, 2012 by Eugene Sklyar

More and more people these days are turned off by things like entering their private information (emails, names) and then being prompted to do CAPTCHAs. This decreases spam, but it also decreases the amount of people that will want to share something on your website.

Life without Facebook comments sucks, especially if you are looking at it from a developers point of view. Pretty big claim, I know, but I truly believe that no in-house/cms commenting system can even compare to that of Facebook's.

Let me explain.

Spam (Free)

With your in-house system you will need to constantly fight off spam with some sort of precautions like CAPTCHA whereas Facebook comments have their own protective measures against all sorts of spam. Chances are you will never see a single entry of spam with your FB comments.

Real People

Seems to me like this is the most important benefit to using Facebook comments. When you receive comments from people on Facebook - its real people, not some trolls or bots surfing the web and trying to spam your site. This is also a huge benefit since it makes your site feel more "alive", like there is a human presence to it. The fact that it's real people commenting also increases the chance of their friends becoming involved, since their comment will be posted on their wall.

Integration Benefits

This one is pretty obvious, but there are some cool hidden features. For example, if a person comments on your content and chooses the option to publish to Facebook - it will start an entire thread on a Facebook wall. Meaning anyone who proceeds to comment on that, will be also writing these comments on the content page of your site as well. The ability to integrate with admin permissions is also there, so you can moderate the comments directly through the Facebook API.

Interaction Benefits

Simply put - people prefer using something they are already using instead of something new. Everyone knows what Facebook is, everyone trusts Facebook, and everyone in the world has it. Most people when browsing the web are automatically logged in to their Facebook account - which means the big step of "giving away personal information" just to write a comment is gone. Really its like removing a road block off the road, that in my opinion was the biggest problem with in-house commenting systems - the registration really scared people away from contributing.

Maintenance Free

Probably the best part about it all - everything is maintained by Facebook. Meaning the costs of updating spam filters and paying subscription costs for spam filters just to keep up with new spam is totally taken out of the equation. Also, with Facebook comments you never have to worry about any security vulnerabilities.

Did I miss anything? Do you disagree with anything above? If so, please let me know in our Facebook comments below.

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