Enhancing Products to be More Presentable for Consumers

Nov 3, 2011 by Yuriy Sklyar

It is no surprise that in order to sell products, most of the companies retouch/enhance them.

This always raises mixed opinions in the consumer circles, but then again, ask yourself: would you ever buy the McDonald's cheeseburger if it looked like it does in real life (if you've never had it before - because they are delicious otherwise)?

The bottom line is whether you like it or not, every product goes through some type of enhancement before it sees the light of day in order for it to be appealing enough for people to buy it. Check out how I've transformed the following products for one of our clients - Compassionate Essentials (website coming very soon!):

In order to get rid of ripples in the plastic wrap, the back of paper towels had to be taped together, similar how you do it to a suit at a fashion photo shoot:

Here is the final outcome. Let me know your thoughts!

Speaking of going a little too far (?) to capture the required product shots. Check out this video of how Domino's Pizza commercial was made.

Alternate link.

Questions? Comment below!

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