The Best of Manual and User Guide Design

Oct 8, 2014 by Yuriy Sklyar

An inspirational post which highlights some of the best manuals from various industries, while touching on some important points for each one.

I'll be adding more manuals and user guides as I find them, so be sure to subscribe or follow. Enjoy!

Glyphicons handbook View full manual (PDF)

Glyphicons is a collection of web [font] icons, and as such, the manual picks up on a lot of cues from this particular industry. It's also not shy about utilizing the product and making it part of the overall design.

Small details add to the uniqueness of this manual:

  • long blocks of text are split into smaller columns for better usability,
  • actions/steps are easy to notice and follow,
  • numbered lines of code create make it unmistakeably clear that you are indeed looking at code, and finally
  • the folder structure design makes it easy to distinguish the folder section from the rest of the manual copy and graphics.

IKEA manual View full manual (PDF)

LEGO manual

Nikon manual

Dyson manual View full manual (PDF)

Apple manual View full manual (PDF)

Illumivision manual

Other manuals worth mentioning:

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